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The Metabalance Method 

In order to tackle a nationwide problem, Metabalance Nutrition created a proven method to prevent and/or reverse metabolic syndrome by focusing on important lifestyle factors:

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Optimized Diet

We focus on replacing sugar and processed foods with appropriate amounts of protein, fiber and healthy fats. 


Improved sleep

We provide tools to help you establish adequate and restful sleep 


Regular activity

We guide you in selecting appropriate exercise for your lifestyle and your goals 


Reduced Stress

We help you find ways  to manage and reduce acute or chronic stress levels


Full Disclaimer

This is not just another diet. Diets don’t work

Metabalance method combines important lifestyle factors to help you optimize your health, heal your body, work on managing stress and guide you towards food freedom.

The Metabalance Approach 

The regimen I use with every client is unique to them, so there's no cookie cutter program that can work for everyone.

We begin by identifying your symptoms and goals. Then, we provide guidance based on your individual energy expenditure and current symptoms and health goals. Metabalance Nutrition does not endorse calorie counting, but rather focuses on appropriate food groups, serving sizes, and meal timing. We may need to do some exploring to determine optimal meal balance for your goals based on your body chemistry. By doing this, we can determine the macronutrient proportions in your diet in order to guide your food intake and target continuous progress. The source (where your food is coming from) of calories is far more significant than how many calories they contain.


When designing your plan, the focus is on two main factors:

We will rebalance the food groups and serving sizes, and you may need to make some substitutions, however, the goal is to provide proper nourishment and learn how to replace disadvantageous meals with the ones that support proper hormone balance and provide energy.

No Hunger or Deprivation 


Changes we make need to be continuous. While we may start slow, our work together is built on principles you will be able to follow for the rest of your life. In order to maintain your new lifestyle, food, supplement and exercise adjustments we make will be appropriate and gradual.


We are in this together!

The Metabalance Method teaches how to nourish your body for optimal health and wellness. Lessons that you learn throughout this process should stay with you for the rest of your life and serve as an anchor whenever life interferes. I would love the opportunity to support and guide you on your health journey.

*All of our sessions are completed virtually, and all supporting materials are delivered directly to your email or/and preferred address.

One Time Purchase

Single Consultation

Pricing $160

60 min Consultation with nutrition and lifestyle protocol

  • Virtual session via Phone or Zoom

Most Popular 

Metabalance Method

Pricing $800

Four months program that includes:

  • Initial 75 min consultation

  • Additional five 45 min follow up consultations

  • Weekly accountability calls

  • Initial Nutrition protocol and protocol adjustments


Need some help deciding which plan fits your needs?

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